Lord Bucky the Non Dom publisher of The Buck Stops Here.

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A major donor to the Conservative Party he’s a typical healthy looking aristocrat with no sinister intent. He’s only interested in “the truth”

🎩 Good day peasan…my friends. Just a short introduction to talk down to you….to talk in your language about my media empire’s plans to hijack all sources of information.  Or to put it in laymen’s terms, create a “no spin zone” where only the unfiltered truth about how my friends in business and the Conservative and Unionist Party are really philanthropists and Do Gooders like Saville Row Santa Claus’s.

Now many of you know may me as the chap who bailed out the Tories when kind hearted Ian Dungbeetle Stiff was their leader.

Ian had decided to strap on the suicide incontinence trousers back then in a tight arsed outburst of quiet determination to make the party as obsolete as him. But I slid a few hundred million of the laundered stuff their way, escorted him to the bin, gerrymandered little 🐷y Cameron into the job and hey presto! Democracy was saved from the grasp of the tyrant Jock Broon.

Now I expected nothing on return for this act of generosity.  Just a peerage, the job as Defence Secretary and the Trident contract. Sadly power went to little Davy’s head and he started believing he was running the show. He told me to stick my Trident contract where the🐷 don’t whine.

Now I’m not a bitter man. Spite is not in my DNA. So, as a small signal of my displeasure, I rushed out a bio of Dave entitled “Call me 🐷fucker” and reduced him to a global laughing stock. But it was done with love. Tough love.

So I saved the Conservatives, I saved democracy, I saved myself a helluva lot in tax and now I wish to save new media from revealing the truth….I mean spilling leftist lies.


On these pages you will meet my friends, columnists, liars and other Tories, the people who put the Grate into Britain. So let us go forward together. Yiu have nothing to lose but your liberty.   🎩


Lord Bucky would like it to be known that, despite the fact this next statement contradicts everything he just said, he is an unbiased neutral observer.

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And now a brief introduction from our publisher Lord Bucky of Troughshire

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IMG_20160515_062546Fat Brute Bitchesson, they call this Jocketete Pariah, treble chinned, charmless, loathesome and just a detestable congenital liar.

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IMG_20160515_064212I am informed by Offcom – makes note:Get rid – that I must a make a feeble attempt at “balance” so here dedicated whistleblower Rachael has another rant at hard working part time MPs.

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IMG_20160515_062514Amber, Amber on rhe wall, who’s the greediest of them all, 👒 Not me hee hee, that honour goes to creepy Priti👒

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Fat Brute Bitchesson, looking surprisingly good today, lied and conned her way to influence in Jockland, all Jocks prepare for more cuts to your pay. 🎵I know a lassie, a fat and creepy lassie,  she’s as pure as the dog 💩 on the snow, she’s got a face like leather, reminds you of bad weather,  Fat Ruthy it’s already time to go.🎶

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IMG_20160515_050420Pretty Badsmell, nice n sleazy does it every time, snouts the trough till it’s shitting blood,  she really is a bucket of slime.

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Lord Bucky

IMG_20160515_052738Of course, thanks to Prossy fan Shitingdale,  I’ll soon own the BBC. So I’ll be able to revive the careers of some popular DJs from the golden era of Radio 1. Persecuted out of work by those lefties at the Daily Mail. Like my old buddy Jimmy Pervert….

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Jimmy Perverts chart rundown.

IMG_20160515_080435Now then now then pop pickers, Jimmy Pervert here, and where’s MY peerage? Straight in to the charts this week are Amber and Priti with Aretha Franklins Sisters are doin it for themselves…..

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Shitheads are doin it for themselves.

🎵Now there was a time that they used to say, behind every sleazy man was a sleaze woman, now in these Tory times,  that’s no longer true, so we’re coming out of the shit house,  and there’s something that we want to say to YOU

SHITHEADS, are doin it for themselves, Shitheads like Amber and Priti, shitting all over you and me. SHITHEADS are just in it for themselves, standing on the weak and poor, showing starving children the door.

Now we’re just sleazy Tories, you can stop our plans, cos don’t ya know that we can be kicked out, we only have the votes to fill a van

But in the meantime.

SHITHEADS are doin it for themselves, stamping on the week and sick, cos they’re just a pair of greedy pricks.🎶

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